Easy In-Class Video

Our 290+ broadcast quality, professionally produced short videos and animations capture a student's imagination and let economics teachers unleash their innovative spirit in class. Students happily grasp key concepts in class or on the go.  


Students will thank you for assigning engaging video that they can also watch on their phones.  Students can watch these short economics videos and animations anywhere, anytime. Profs watch their students get better grades.

Visually Gorgeous

Beautifully presented short animations concentrate on the key economics concepts letting students achieve that aha moment. Profs can de-stress, relax, and monitor their students' progress on your school's LMS or on Top Hat.

Interactive Questions

In both our Top Hat and SCORM versions, interactive questions follow each selected video, which makes it easy for profs to follow student progress and adjust teaching accordingly. Use the analytics to measure and respond to class progress.

Disabled Access

We need to do more for disabled students. Econblox closed captioned all its videos to assist the hearing-impaired absorb video content. Closed captioning is a bonus for foreign students and students who need to study in noisy places.

Take Attendance

Econblox videos are easy to show in class using the Top Hat phone app. Just click and play your select videos.  Professors can also easily and accurately measure and track attendance. Students notice, attend more, and get better grades!

Gorgeous Economics Videos in Class

This Natural Monopoly lecture video is just under two minutes in length and was shot in High Definition in Boston, near Fenway Park. The featured instructor is a lecturer at Northeastern University.

This Opportunity Cost in International Trade lecture videos is four and a half minutes in length and was shot in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The featured instructor is a lecturer at Northern Michigan University.

This Natural Monopoly key concept video is 37 seconds in length and was produced in Montreal. All videos are closed captioned.

This short GDP Deflator vs. CPI video helps students understand the difference between these two measures of price levels.

What courses do the economics videos cover?

  • Microeconomics (165 videos and animations)
  • Macroeconomics (130 videos and animations)
  • Principles of Economics (280+ videos and animations)
  • Math Basics for Economics (8 videos)

See a full listing of topics covered and videos

Top Hat app flipchart
Emilie Johnsson,  Student, Concordia University

"The films have a fast tempo that respond to students' attention spans and will help many tremendously. The animations are clear, sleek and understandable."

  Ryan Besse,  Student, McGill University

"The videos are very concise and to the point...the application of real world examples makes them very easy to follow ... perfect length."

Top Hat Prof , New Zealand

"I still get higher attendance for those weekly classes, over 60 percent, which far exceeds what the average lecturers get in their courses. I think it's because students like the vibe. And for me, it makes teaching fun again."  See what 10 other Top Hat instructors say.

Mike Fladlien,  Economics Teacher, Iowa

"I think this effort is outstanding and I'm recommending it to my students."

Daniel Rivet,  Executive Director, Ideeclic

"These guys demonstrated time and time again, their understanding of what it takes to create truly successful and engaging educational videos."

Show Video In Class Using Top Hat

These are the only professional economics videos built to easily play during a lecture. 

  • Cut through lecture clutter and grab student attention.
  • Just drag and drop the videos into your slides.
  • Profs save time in class. All the animations are distilled into just the essentials.
  • Use the interactive multiple choice questions to check student understanding in real time.
  • Closed captioning addresses hearing-impaired students' needs in class.
Econblox economics videos on phones and in class

Present these economics videos in your class and on mobile devices.

Your students will never forget!

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Try The Videos On Your Website First

If you're not quite ready to show these great videos in class, show them on your website.  It's easy.  We just drag and drop the files onto your site. 

The videos are beautifully embedded in SCORM files so your students can get better grades, using any device!

Try the Natural Monopoly SCORM demo and video set below:.

Give the students the tools they need to succeed!

You're in control when you simply drop these files onto your school's portal or learning management system. Students easily move through the content and will love what you have done for them!  Track their progress to make sure they don't fall behind.

Don't waste your time repeating the basics.  Let students and TAs harness the power of interactive video learning. They'll thank you!

How It Works On An LMS

Watch this video to see how the SCORM content works on one Learning Management System.  Each learning unit is easy for students to navigate, view videos, and test their knowledge with responsive multiple choice questions.  Students easily work through the content until they get it right which means better grades and higher teacher evaluations.

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OpenStax also supplies professors with a ton of instructor aids, including powerpoints.

All Econblox videos dovetail with OpenStax and most publisher textbook topics


Since our company began, more than a decade ago, we have had the privilege of working with these great clients, and many more.