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Our online learning empowers people and organizations to achieve their goals using the powerful concepts of Business Economics

Business economics inspires

"We train you to apply business economics principles

to improve your competitive performance."

What do planes, people and producers have to do with building businesses and careers?   Plenty!

Econblox applies business economics to many industries
Business economics is a balancing act

The food, aerospace, and retail businesses are just a few real-world examples of industries that we use as case studies. 


Individuals enroll in the BESt™ Business Economics program to learn essential business and networking skills to stand out, advance towards your dream job, and help your organization succeed!


Employees of organizations apply business economics principles in their daily work to assess and improve their organization's financial and competitive market performance.

What Is A Certified Business Economics Specialist - BESt™?

The Business Economics Specialist program, BESt™, is a certified, affordable, video-based online learning centre and support system, that helps you learn key business and networking skills, at your pace.

Stand out from the crowd with practical knowledge of economics principles that drive business and not-for-profit organizations, and on-the-job networking skills that prepare you for the most prominent roles in your industry.

Why Sign Up for BESt™?

Set Yourself Apart

Open doors and set yourself apart with this time-efficient business economics specialist certification that can put you on a path to better jobs and pay.  We'll guide you

Advance Your Opportunities

Apply your new set of business economics skills to make more money for you and your employer - and open up advancement opportunities

Win Your Dream Career

Win the career that you want with powerful business skills and insights that you can't learn at school but that are highly valued by business, not-for-profits and government

Don't Break the Bank

Costs are a fraction of most traditional education and certification courses.  Professional, short videos respond to visual-learning needs, creating a satisfying experience

Why Choose Econblox Business Economics?

Econblox learning helps you transform your daily efforts into achievement

Online Experts

Online classes with world-class experts in business and corporate finance.


Accredited learning that translates into practical applications and results.

Get the Best Jobs

Win the best jobs in your own field by demonstrating North American credentials.

Stand Out!

BESt™ accreditation that differentiates you and your skills over a lifetime.

Career Building

Our business economics course helps you build career and networking skills.

Academic Excellence

Prepares students to excel in higher ed economics while applying skills to real cases.


Economics students can get accreditation for Business Economics while at school.

Personal Concierge

Personal Concierge service keeps students succeeding and on track.

Great Videos Make Learning Enjoyable Anywhere

What topics do these business economics videos cover?

  • Business Economics - Consumers and Companies (165 short videos and animations)
  • Business Economics - Countries (130 short videos and animations)
  • Math Basics for Business Economics (8 videos)

See a full listing of topics covered and videos

Sample Econblox Video Listing

Here’s what people are saying about Econblox

Where else can you get access to an experienced Harvard MBA and his team?  Jay has worked with hundreds of talented business people over his career.  Here are a few of their comments about working with Jay.

Terry Whipple, Executive Director, Juneau County Economic Development Corporation, the great state of Wisconsin

Terry Whipple

Executive Director,

Juneau County Economic Development Corporation,  Wisconsin

Incredible career event!

Jay showed up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to turn around my employer, a failing environmental remediation company.  I worked closely with Jay to accomplish the task.  We turned the company around in 9 months! Understanding economics, and its application in the real world, is an essential business skill and was key to my career advancement.  The Econblox videos are some of the best educational videos I have ever seen.

Sandy Liu - Harvard MBA

Sandy Liu

Marketing Executive and Entrepreneur

Fantastic training for highly applicable cross-sector skillsets

As a Harvard MBA who has worked extensively with not-for-profit organizations, it was great to find Jay. He is an experienced, multi-industry veteran, with relevant not-for-profit experience. His ability to transform complex business concepts and networking know-how to easily digestible courses is remarkable. These skills prove to be just as essential to career success in the not-for-profit sector as they are in the for-profit sector. I was able to quickly apply these learnings to both advancing my own career and leading my not-for-profit clients to success.

Robert Prasher, Award-Winning Sales Executive

Robert Prasher

Enterprise Account Executive

Mentorship really makes a difference!

In the last five years, I have worked in corporate sales for companies including Microsoft, Xerox and Bell. I have excelled in my sales career because of my continuous education and ambition to do more. Combining my motivation and skill set with Jay's insights and experience has really helped me advance my corporate career and networking results.  Econblox's business economics course helped me better understand my clients' businesses. Econblox videos are superior to any other educational videos that I have seen.  I found that most online courses were not designed to be delivered online and didn’t engage.  Not this one! I highly encourage you to test drive these Econblox courses to see how they work for you.

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